The Vow Factor

I wanted to name the title of this post “Why I Won’t be Around for the Next Four Days,” but it seemed to be a bit too long, so The Vow (wow!) Factor took its place.

Tomorrow is the BIG day for my brother! He and his love are getting hitched, which means there is a lot in store for me in the next 48 hours. I made a to-do list for today that involves:

  • returning stuff for work
  • picking up travel necessities for my trip to Vegas on Sunday
  • packing for said trip and for two nights at a hotel near the wedding reception venue
  • helping decorate said reception venue
  • take a shower after helping decorate for said reception venue at said hotel
  • getting all pretty for the rehearsal
  • eating a yummy rehearsal dinner at Straight up
  • picking up a carne adovada burrito
  • and then finally, at 10:30 tonight, I’m picking up my fiance with said carne adovada burrito at the airport.

Um…am I the only one who noticed that there is no time scheduled for a nap? How this is going to fly, I have no idea. Tomorrow’s schedule is even more crazy (hair appointments, makeup application, pictures, dresses, baby brother getting married, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and lots and lots of drinks), and there is also no time for a nap.

*side note: I think when I get married I’m going to make sure I schedule time for a nap the day before. It’s more than necessary in order for me to function and still be a somewhat pleasant person for other people to deal with.

On Sunday after the wedding, Kenny and I are hoping on a plane to go to Vegas. I mentioned that in a previous post, and before you wonder if he and I are planning a little white chapel out there, the answer is no. Just had to throw that out there! He’s there for work and I love Vegas (and spending time with him), so I figured I’d take a trip out there for a few days.

Okay. My blogging time is over and I don’t know when I’ll be able to post again. I’m taking my camera (and extra batteries) to both the wedding and Vegas, so I’m sure there will be pictures when I get online…whenever that will be.

Till then, I hope you have a great weekend. And if you’re interested in getting short tidbits about my crazy weekend adventures, follow me on Twitter (it’s on your right), because I’ll be tweeting throughout weekend. (Don’t worry, I’ll actually turn my phone off for the ceremony, because having it ring or vibrate during their vows would just be plain rude!)


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