Will You Be My…(part dos)

I discovered something shortly after becoming engaged: you don’t think clearly. If I had been thinking clearly I would have asked my girls to be in the wedding via a clever and witty way. I would have probably sent them something like this:

I found these cards while blog-surfing one day and even though I have no need for them now I bookmarked them and look at them often.

Do you think it would be silly to pop the question all over again?


  1. Hey Jessica!
    This is Kathryn from facebook, who lives in Warner Robins! I am following your blog now yay! 🙂
    I don't think it would be bad to still send out a card! The girls I send my cards too kind of already knew who I was going to ask them, but I never officially asked them so I sent them a cute card that matched my wedding colors and said will you be my bridesmaid? The ones you have picked out are cute! I think your girls will love getting this even though they have already been asked! I mean its super cute so who wouldn't?

  2. Jess, they are super cute and not to bad of priced. I think it be nice for them. I have pictures and everything for my best friends wedding. And it be nice for the maybe to keep with the other stuff for your wedding. I would say go for it. You could also maybe get an extra on of each for your keep sake of the wedding.

  3. Those are super cute. I was the same as you. I asked my bridesmaids and MoM to bein my wedding and then a few months into it I saw a card in a magazine for asking your friends to be in your wedding. I was like, "Oh darn! That's so cute! Why didn't I think of that?"

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