Will You Be My…(Part one)

After the tears and the oh-my-God-are-you-serious shock started to wear off once Kenny proposed, I started speed dialing my friends to let them know he asked me to be his wife…and to ask them a very important question.

First up was Laura, who knew he was going to propose, of course, because she helped him pick out my ring. After giggling with delight—my friends didn’t call me Short Giggly in high school for nothing!—I blurted out that I’d like for her to be my maid of honor. She accepted and I moved on to calling Natalie and Emily and asked them to be my bridesmaids. They also both accepted with excitement and said they’d be in my wedding party.

I asked my three best girlfriends to be part of my wedding right off the bat and I was ecstatic about having them help me plan and get ready for my big day, but there was a slight problem: there were three other girls whom I’m also extremely close to and I wanted them up there with me, too.

I kept putting off asking them because Kenny had asked three of his friends to be on his side and with my three girls that made our bridal party very symmetrical for pictures. And it’s all about the pictures, right? Wrong.

I finally said to myself “screw the symmetry; I want my closest friends up there celebrating with me!” And as soon as I made that decision—five months after I popped the question to the other gals—I emailed Jenna, called Andrea, and told Meghan, how much it would mean to me for them to be part of our special day. Not only did they say, “yes,” but they were so happy about it I had that giddy-just-newly-engaged feeling all over again, and it gave me a huge sense of relief since I wanted them to be bridesmaids all along.

So our wedding won’t have that perfectly even look (we’ll end up having four men, six ladies, two flower girls and a ring bearer), but we’ll be able to look back at those uneven wedding photos and know that everyone up there was meant to be part of our lives.

This is the awesomely bad mock bridal party picture I created over at David’s Bridal


  1. Sounds like you made a great decision! Even schmeven! It's all about what YOU want, not what's considered traditional. 🙂

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