And They Can Wear it Again (dos)!

I recently made the phone call to Brides by Demetrios to give them my final decision on the dress I picked out for my bridesmaids. Actually, I wasn’t the one who picked out the dresses, the girls did.

I think they picked it for a variety of reasons (if you’re reading this and you’re a bridesmaid, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!):

  1. They can wear it again. Seriously. I’m actually considering buying it for myself in black.
  2. It’s flattering on everyone!
  3. It’s comfortable—their words, not mine.
  4. It’s “twirly,” which means they’ll have fun dancing in it.
  5. We’re getting them in dark brown, so it’s a neutral color they can either dress up or down for another event (see reason #1)

So, wanna see the winning dress? Here is Eden style 7250:

And here are a couple of comments I received back when I told them that’s the one I picked:

“Yay! I’m so excited you picked that dress!”
“Good choice!! You rock!”

I would try to remember what some of them said in person or via facebook/instant messanger, but I’d be completely paraphrasing, so I’ll just leave it at those two quotes for now.

The dress came out to around $160 plus tax, but Brides By Demetrios has a service they call the *Bridesmaid’s Gift, which means the bride can put $10 or $15 toward each dress and then when the bridesmaid places her order for the dress they’ll get either 10 or 15 percent off the dress.

I immedately jumped on this opportunity to help them save a little money. I know how much it can cost to be a bridesmaid, and if I can help them save a little bit here and there I’m all for it.

I’m really glad I called them when I did, because apparently the dresses won’t be ready until the end of January, which is only a month before the wedding. I’m sure that’s ample time, but in the eyes of a bride, that’s cutting it close. Eek!

So what do you think of our dress decision?

*I searched all over the Web to find info on their Bridesmaid Gift deal and couldn’t find anything anywhere. So before you start quoting me on this fine deal, maybe you should call your local Demetrios store and ask about it first.


  1. What a great idea – to be able to help the bridesmaids' out with a Bridesmaid's Gift! I LOVE the dress, and the fact that they would defiantly be able to wear it again, makes it even better! (I like the twirl too).

  2. Great choice! I had my girls try that dress on too! They do in fact have a deal like that at Demetrios, they don't advertise it but they do tell you when you go in the store.

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