Black, Blue, and Brown All Over (part 2)

remember my first tale of dressing the guys?

Pleats or no pleats? Two buttons or three? Ivory or white? Satin or no satin? High collar or no collar? Stripes or without? Black or brown? Shiny or not? Square toe or round? Fancy lace or regular lace? …..AAAHHHHH!!!!!!

That’s just a sampling of the questions I got asked yesterday while picking out tuxes. Sarah, the friendly girl helping us, would ask me a question and I would just stare at her all dear-in-headlights like. I can safely say that I may have lost my mind had my sister-in-law not been there. Thank goodness she just had to go through all of it, so her mind was fresh with the decision-making capability…unlike me.

Kenny only gave me a few requirements he wanted for the tuxes: simple, low “V,” and two button. And with that (and Amanda and Sarah’s help) we came across the Perry Ellis Southbridge:

And here it is on a “real” man (i.e. here’s the jacket on an actual person. But let me ask you, why are all the tux pictures online photos of men from the 80s with a gross smirk across their face?)

Next came the option of ties. Bow tie or straight tie? I choose the regular tie and opted to go for the wide stripes with an espresso vest. It doesn’t look like it in the picture below, but they’ll also have ivory shirts to match my dress.

I think by having the guys were a touch of brown it’ll look nice against the bridesmaids dresses (remember, they’re going to wear dark brown as well).

The next step in this whole thing is figuring out a way to get the guys measured (only one of them lives here, the other two are deployed, and another one is in Texas). I’m pretty excited about how they’ll look – I think it’ll be great!

I’m pretty happy about being able to cross one more thing off my list. Yesterday, I was able to cross off two things: tuxes and mailing our save the dates! Once I get back from my trip I’ll show you how they turned out 🙂


  1. What a handsome looking tux! That espresso brown is so elegant and classy! It will look beautiful next to the bridesmaid dresses you picked out! Great choice!

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