Black, Blue, and Brown All Over

One of the hardest decisions I’ve had so far with planning this wedding is figuring out how to dress the men. Let me lay it out for you and maybe you’ll take pity on me understand and offer suggestions.

My fiance, his best man, and one of his groomsmen are all in the Air Force, and the other two groomsmen are what the military like to call “civilians,” which means they’re just like you an me!

The options for dressing them became overwhelming. Kenny wants to wear his Mess Dress, which looks something like this:
Don’t be fooled, it may look black in the picture, but it’s really a midnight blue. He’ll also have his fancy schmancy medals and rank on there. ***EDIT: Apparently this is his cadet mess dress and not his real one, so as soon as I get a picture of him in his real one I’ll post it***

Then we had the option of having his two Air Force buddies wear their Mess Dress (like above) or opt to wear their Dress Blues, which consists of midnight blue pants, light blue button up shirt and a blue tie and jacket.

(See why I almost lost sleep over this? And I’m not even done explaining everything yet!)

Since the other two guys can’t wear a uniform I was toying with the idea of having them wear navy tuxes (flashback to Father of the Bride, anyone?) so they could at least all be wearing the same color. Don’t worry, I nixed that idea pretty fast.

At this point I should remind you that my colors are dark brown and light pink. I was left with two more options. The first idea was to have all the guys (minus Kenny) wear brown tuxes to match the ladies who will be wearing brown dresses:

(phone) picture by me at Mr. Tux

The second idea is to have them wear a traditional black tux with a brown vest and/or tie:

Men’s Wearhouse (which is NOT where we will be getting our tuxes, because Kenny and I received very rude customer service from them)
(phone) picture by me at Mr. Tux

Mr. Tux vests

I think I’ve narrowed it down to this last option of having the men wear black tuxes with chocolate brown vests. It’ll just look classier in the end…right?

But now I have to figure out what type of jacket to get, I mean, who knew there were so many options:

I gave the task of figuring out what sort of jacket the guys will wear to Kenny. I have no idea how this one is going to get accomplished, though, seeing as how he’s not coming back in town till December, and these kind of need to be ordered around October/November.

If anyone knows what sort of tux jacket I should get (one, two, or three buttons? Double or single breasted? Classic? Tailcoat? Ah!!!) please let me know, since I’ll more than likely have to pick this detail.


  1. We have the same exact issue. Finally we decided on him wearing his mess dress and then we gave his Air Force groomsman the option of either wearing a tux or their uniform.

    The tux we chose is black vest and black jacket, super simple.

    We think all the groomsman will choose the tux option because the mess dress uniform runs about $300.

    I think you guys reached a good compromise!

  2. We have the issue with that as well. I informed B the second he said "joe and eric will have uniforms too" that only the groom is allowed to wear their military uniform. Mostly because one is air force and one is coast guard so they would be different colors. We're having all the groomsmen wear tuxes…but as far as the buttons and such I really have no idea what to tell you on that one…we haven't made it that far yet!

  3. I like the idea of giving the groomsmen the option of either their dress uniform or a tux! I do like the black tux w/the brown vest – nice, traditional look. 🙂 I've seen several wedding parties w/a mix of uniforms and tuxes and they always looked great, so I wouldn't worry too much about everybody meshing together. Some guys love wearing their dress uniforms, some hate it. I'm married to one that hates it, because in his words, it's a P.I.T.A. to put it all together. LOL. On the flip side, his best friend loves to wear his and wears his Class A's to every wedding and formal event he attends. So, for that reason, let the guys pick! I can't wait til you get married – I only know you from your blog and all your wedding talk has me excited for you!

  4. I'm with you. My husband picked out the tuxes. He wasn't AF yet, so we didn't have that issue. He ended up doing a good job.

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