Awhile ago I stumbled upon a few blogs and was drawn to them because of their design, and when I did the research I found they were all designed by Rainy Day Templates. I immediately found a design I liked and bought it.

Soon after the “check cleared” I got an email from Ellie, the gal running Rainy Day explaining how to customize my template. Her email communication skills are top notch and had I not been completely overwhelmed with “stuff” (i.e. brother’s wedding, going out of town, life, etc.) I would’ve been able to get it up and running about a month ago. Well, yesterday I finally had some downtime to play with colors/designs/ideas and she got to work faster than I expected, because when I came home this design was already “live” on my blog!

If you’re interested in a revamp, I highly recommend her. I believe she’s swamped with work right now and may be bumping her prices up a bit, but check out some of the templates you’re able to work with (they’re all customizable):

Love (I was so close to buying this one!)

So….what do ya think of the new layout? I’m still playing around with the sidebars a bit, so you may still see a few more changes in the near future, but for the most part, this is it!

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  1. Oh, thank you Jessica! =) You were a breeze to work with – feel free to send any similarly enthusiastic clients my way ANY day. 😉

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