Decisions, Decisions

Last night I went to bed somewhere around 10 pm, but I didn’t actually fall asleep till well after midnight. I’m pretty sure it hit me that very, very soon things are going to change.

I realized last night that in one month I’ll be in England. I can’t wait to go back, but the reason I couldn’t sleep was because I noticed I only have five of the 15 days I’ll be there sorted out. Not only that, but I’ve been trying to pretend it’s not going to cost me all of my savings to go out there—the conversion rate between pounds and dollars still has me losing lots o’ money. Do you think it’s possible to spend two weeks in Great Britain for less than $2,000 US dollars (1,186 GBP)?

I’ve been to London before, so this time I’m considering venturing out to places I’ve never been, places like Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare country) and Scotland to see the Loch Ness Monster and exquisite castles, but my problem is that I think I’ll need a tour group to see these places since I won’t have a car and September in the United Kindgom doesn’t have the most friendly walking weather.

Or I could just stay in London and see all that it has to offer, or try to catch a fairly cheap flight to France, Italy, Ireland, Amsterdam, or Spain…but then I’m getting into a whole new dilemma regarding how much money will come out of my bank account!

Basically I need to make some decisions and start booking hostels/hotels/tours(?) by the end of this week, if not sooner. If you have any money-saving tips for me, I’m all ears; it’s been four years since I’ve been there, so I’m sure things have changed.


  1. I suggest traveling over to York. They have a LOT of cool things there. Old things, like 13th century castles and 19th century streets with storefronts so old that they actually are leaning in towards each other. On a weekend would be the best, as they usually have live music and such in the square. And they have a fantastic fudge shop! My only real suggestion is be willing to pay a few extra pounds for a good hostel. I stayed in one in Camden Town in London and it was a 3 star hostel for 8 pounds a night and I would never ever stay there again. Kings Cross I think has a good one, but it certainly costs more–but on the other hand you are right next to the main El channel and the train station. It's worth it!

    What are you going for? Just for fun?

  2. Great suggestions! I'm going overseas for a wedding in Wales! It's the wedding of a friend I met while I lived in Bournemouth, England four years ago. I can't wait 🙂

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