Down the (Card) Aisle

The Thursday before my brother’s wedding I realized I still needed to buy a wedding card for the happy couple. It’s not like I procrastinated on finding a card, it’s that none of the cards I’d seen seemed to be “the one.” My first stop was Target, which unfortunately didn’t have anything I like, and my second stop was to a local card shop in town that always comes through, but they didn’t have anything either.

I know to some people a card may just be a card, but to me, a well thought out card is something I will hold on to forever, and I truly mean that. I have cards that my grandma and Poppy gave me when I was younger; I still have a card my cousin made and gave to me for Christmas, and a get-well-soon card my best friend made right after I had knee surgery. I love hanging on to cards and reading what people have to say. To me, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but using your words is one of the most intimate ways of communicating with someone.

With that said, in the midst of all the wedding-planning madness (theirs, not mine this time), I made a quick trip to Walmart to see what their card aisle had in store for me. I honestly wasn’t expecting much and was planning on making my own, when I turned the corner and saw how many wedding cards they had.

Right before I took that picture, I started crying. Thank goodness it wasn’t a hysterical-balling type of cry since there were people next to me, but it was a cry nonetheless. I think that was the point where it really hit me that my brother was getting married. I quickly pulled it together and started pulling out card after card trying to find a good one.

…and then I found it:

real love is the real life that starts after the bouquet has been tossed…it’s the caring and sharing that comes when life gets busy, bills need to be paid, and errands need to be run, it’s laughing and teasing and working things out. it’s learning and knowing what your partner needs—even without asking. it’s the little jokes that only the two of you understand.


real love is building a real life together—and there’s simply nothing stronger or more rewarding than that. congratulations

It said exactly what I wanted it to say, as though I had written it myself. All the other cards and happy little bride and grooms on the outside with “Best Wishes” written inside. The maker of the card is Hallmark, because what else would I give when I cared enough to send the very best?

The other night I had the pleasure of watching my brother and his wife (!) open allllllll their presents. And not only did it foreshadow the day when I’ll be sitting next to Kenny while we open our gifts, but I was also there when they opened my card. Throughout the night, I noticed my brother put a few cards off to the side, only to find out later that it was a secret stash of cards they liked the best…and they put mine in the stack—it made their top five. I don’t know if they’ll hang on to it for years to come, but I’m happy to know they appreciated the thought that went into my card for them.

Am I the only one out there who likes to put this much thought and time into cards/paper products?


  1. I'm the same way. And I too have cried on the card isle. I tend to cry mostly when I go shopping for cards on Mother's and Father's Day or for my friends that I miss the most.

  2. It did make our top five 🙂 I can remember sifting through mountains of cards and how many multiples we'd received. But not yours!! I still have the card. Still love it the most out of all the cards. And everytime I re-read this post I mean to tell you how wonderful and thoughtful you are. Thank you for the card Jess, it is perfect. And so very very true.

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