Happiest Place on Earth: A Magical Proposal

I don’t know if this has circulated the Internet yet, but this was the first time I’ve seen it, so I had to post it ASAP. I think it’s freaking awesome and one of the most magical things I’ve ever seen. It’s a little long, but I promise it’s worth the watch!

The journalist in me is dying to know the back story to this: how long was it planned, is he a Disney cast member? Do they get a free wedding at Disney through all the publicity? So cool!

I just love happy wedding things! This reminds me of the YouTube wedding entrance, so I’m anxious to see how long it takes to spread around the ‘net!

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  1. That is really cool. I am guess that they worked there cause he siad we meet her a year ago today. WOW that had to take alot of work to do that is for sure.

  2. At the minimum he was an entertainment cast member.

    Pretty darn good. It might have very well beat my marriage proposal to Sara at balloon fiesta on live tv.

    And no – there will be no free wedding. The wedding pavilion at Disney could run you $25,000 easy. Plus the add ons are killer. Want Mickey & Minnie there? That'll be another $1,500 or so.

    Definitely cool though.

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