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I’m 23 posts away from hitting 500 posts on here—can you believe it?! I was hoping to hit 500 before I left for England, but since that’s happening in just EIGHT days (!) I figured I would celebrate it now. And what better way to celebrate than with a contest?

Now I don’t have anything extravagant to give away, but I think it’s exciting. I’ve been collecting postcards since as long as I can remember. I have them from all around the world and love it when one comes in the mail with my name on it.

In honor of my (almost) 500th post, I give you, my readers, a contest. Since I’m about to travel across the pond, I want to send one of you a postcard from a location of your choice!

So where will I be heading and what are your choices?





and of course…

I promise the postcard I’ll send will be cooler than the ones above; there was just a limited supply online.

You can get your very own postcard by doing one of two things:
1. Leave a comment below with your answers to the following questions
2. Become a “regular” and follow this blog (and let me know in the comments that you’re a new “regular!)

The questions:
What’s your favorite love story? (can be from real life, a movie, fairy tale, etc.)
Which city would you like a postcard from?

You have till Friday, August 28, to enter, and I’ll pick a winner on Saturday. Along with the winner I’ll also let you know my answers to the above.

Happy contest!

P.S. I’m leaving for Las Vegas in a few hours, and I’m leaving my laptop at home *GASP* so I won’t be posting again till Tuesday or Wednesday 🙂

P.P.S. If you don’t see your blog on my blogroll to the right, and you regularly read here, let me know so I can add it.


  1. Hi! Though I am a newer follower, I really love your blog! I totally want to enter your contest!! How fun! (I plan on doing one too soon, so keep an eye out!)

    1. What's your favorite love story?

    In real life, I would have to say mine and my fiance's. We met COMPLETELY randomly on…myspace! Yes, myspace! Can you believe that? He had just moved to my town, and we actually started talking because we both like to run. We chatted online for a couple of months and finally we decided to meet. We met later that week at my favorite wing place and its been perfect ever since! We dated for about a year and a half and then we got engaged. We still haven't made any wedding arrangements, since we are planning to elope! For now, we are saving money for a FANTASTIC honeymoon!

    In the movies, I love love love Notting Hill. It seems like for the whole movie they'll never get together, but I love that they do in the end.

    2. Which city would like a postcard from?

    Hmmmm, London! I have never been to Europe so I would be excited to get a postcard from anywhere!


  2. Sorry for not posting during the weekend! I have 12 days left for my wedding so you can guess what I have been busy doing.

    My favorite love story? I also have to say mine. We met online (yahoo! personals) nearly 4 years ago. From the first day we hit it off. The best day ever was my last birthday which was also my engagement. You can read how it went down on my blog…

    I have never been outside the US so receiving a post card from ANY city out of the states would be amazing.

  3. Fave love story? My husband's best friends – he met the most perfect girl for him 4 days before he left for Iraq AND she stood by him and supported him throughout the whole deployment. 🙂

    Cards? Albuquerque.

  4. My favorite love story is my parents. They have been married 43years this past April. They met in high school, and my Dad was from the wrong side of the tracks, literally. He had fallen in love with the daughter of the man who owned the only car lot in the town they lived in. She didn't care, but he knew he couldn't provide for her. He joined the Army, was sent to Vietnam for a year, and they got married as soon as he came home. They have built several family businesses, and adopted my little brother and I. I honestly have never seen them fight (maybe because they had been married 17 years before they adopted me… they hade everything figured out by then!). I hope that someday my husband and I have 1/2 as happy as a life that they have. We would be blessed.

    If I win, any place but Albuquerque! 🙂 Growing up there, I have seen every post card image 'live' ! Also- I thought I was following your blog, but aparently not 'offically'… it has been on my blog role for a while, but I never 'followed' till now! Glad you put that in, because otherwise I wouldn't have thougth to check.

    Have fun on your trip- Be safe!

  5. I def just answered your giveaway from your most recent post but I didn't tell you that I'm a new follower and that I would love a postcard from Cardiff!

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