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Last week there was a Facebook quiz floating around that I decided to take, just for shi*ts ‘n giggles, so to speak. It was a Myers-Briggs Personality Test, and while I had a pretty good idea what my results would be, I was still surprised to see them written out for me.

*Don’t worry, I take this stuff with a grain of salt; I’m pretty sure a quiz on Facebook isn’t very…um….scientific…

When I was younger I was incredibly outgoing. I wanted to be an actress and even appeared in several plays—my claim to fame was playing Puss in Puss in Boats. Yes, there are photos of me in a cat costume and no, I will never, ever show them to anyone not related to me. I also loved speaking in class and having to give presentations. Long story short: I could have been a poster child extrovert.

But then, sometime after high school, fears and anxiety started taking over and I started hiding in my shell a lot more. I was still very outgoing, but didn’t mind it if the spotlight wasn’t on me. In the most recent years I’ve had a lot of problems with nerves and anxiety that make me not want to be called to attention at all.

Whenever I am put on the spot or know I have to make a speech or anything like that, you can be guaranteed that I’m a sweaty, shaky, almost-hyperventilating mess before hand. So when my Facebook quiz told me that I’m more introverted than extroverted it was more of a relief to me.

While Kenny hasn’t taken this Facebook quiz yet, I can tell you right now that he’s also an introvert, which will lead to a very interesting wedding. Two people who shy away from the center stage will have one day where everyone is looking at them – eek! But, I find it interesting that the people who also have my same “personality” are also heavily in the public eye. I wonder how they handle particular situations.

So what about you? Have you taken this Facebook quiz yet, or maybe you’ve taken the real Myers-Briggs test? If you’re introverted, how do you get past the nerves in certain situations? And if you’re an extrovert, have you always been a fan of being in the spotlight?

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  1. I did this test in my Organizational Behaviour class. I was an introvert also and I see that to be correct. I'm not super quiet (in fact I can be quite loud with the right people) but I definitely keep to myself.

    It's interesting!

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