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I don’t know if you’ve heard about StumbleUpon before, but long story short, StumbleUpon literally lets you stumble upon different Web pages with content that you like and specifically pick out. And the cool thing is that if there’s a page you want to send to someone, you can stumble it to them with a message and they’ll get it on their browser almost immediately.

It’s been great for our long distance relationship because it’s an added form of communication. Currently, and I don’t know if I’m proud or ashamed of this number, I’ve sent Kenny two—wait for it—thousand six hundred and ninety five web pages. And I know the number he’s sent me blows my number out of the water.

Last night I had seven stumbles waiting for me when I got home (most of which were comics, because my fiance looooooves to send me comics!) and one of them was actually wedding related. Not only was it wedding related, but it was true and made me laugh out loud…ya know, because it’s true.

Sheldon Comic Strip (click comic to enlarge!)

I love that he sends me comics, because after a long day it’s a nice reminder to relax and not take everything so seriously. Not to mention that now we need to go and find a car transmission guy to be in our wedding!


  1. haha that's hilarious! With us it was the opposite. B thinks that everyone he's ever known needs to be on his side. Personally I would have been happy with two or three bridesmaids, but we had to have 5…and only because I limited him to five haha.

  2. SOO true for *R* and I!

    Especially with the whole military aspect. His best man is deployed and may or may not actually be home for the wedding. Another good friend is in Korea and his leave was denied. etc.

    There might just be a last minute stand in!

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