Worth a Thousand Words (part 3)

I left off with everything being hunky-dory on the photographer front, but then I got to thinking. We only hired Kim for something like four hours. Basically, she’ll start shooting right around the time I put on my dress, right before walking down the aisle. That’s great and all, but after being part of my sister-in-laws bridal party and my friend’s wedding earlier this summer, and seeing how much fun the “getting ready” part of the day was, I wanted a photographer there for that part.

Getting ready for my brother and sister-in-laws wedding
by Sweet William Photography

…But I don’t necessarily want to pay for several extra hours.

And that’s where my lovely coworker comes in. I’ve mentioned before that I work for a local city magazine, and the two staff photographers, Liz and Don, are beyond awesome. Their styles are top notch, they take crystal clear pictures, and I’m beyond comfortable with both of them behind the lense. I know what you’re thinking: “Why didn’t you just ask them to shoot your wedding?” Well, one of the first things I learned about both of them is that they hate shooting weddings. ‘Nuff said; I didn’t even ask them.

I see Liz every single day—and even on the weekends—with a camera around her neck, and I wanted a guarantee that on my wedding day she’ll just enjoy the wedding and officially take a day off. But Don on the other hand, well, Don thrives in situations when he’s surrounded by girls who want their picture taken. He has a way of making the ladies “work” the camera and his flirtatious personality is just what the pre-game party needs (basically just while we’re getting our hair and makeup done).

My friend’s wedding that I was in back in June
by Joshua Costanza

I bribed him with some beer and he happily obliged (either that or he just wanted me to shut up with all the wedding talk!). And that’s how I became a two-photographer bride!

(Sorry I don’t have any photos of Liz or Don’s work, but you can check them out in Albuquerque The Magazine every month!)


  1. "You're in my thoughts and prayers. God is great and his Will will be done :)"

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! 🙂 Hope your doing well!

  2. That's so great! You'll feel so special with not only one, but TWO, photogs doting all over you! And pre-wedding prep photos are always fun to look at later!

  3. I love that you got another photographer for the pre-wedding festivities!

    Thank you for the award! I feel so honoured. 🙂

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