And They’re Off!

I’m back in America and loving every minute of it. Yesterday was another 24-hour travel day, and getting to sleep in my own bed at night was beyond relaxing.

While I wrap my head around the fact that I just spent two weeks in the UK, I wanted to post something about our save the dates that we sent out. I know I just said I was burnt out on wedding talk, but I’ve had these photos lingering on my desktop for awhile, so it’s time to post them.

I talked about the inspiration for our “STDs” here (STD = Save The Date…much easier to type out, so don’t freak out). And wanted to show you what we (I?) finally decided to go with.

These were sent out before I left for England, so I’m guessing that everyone we sent them to has received them by now. We didn’t send them out to everyone who is getting an invite, but those who we knew would really need to make travel plans.

Here’s the design we used, which was created and designed by my best friend and maid of honor, Laura:

I used Vista Print because I heard really good things about them. After looking at all the options, I went with their standard postcard and had Laura build the STD based on their measurements. After uploading the picture (I chose to keep the back side blank), I ordered 100 of them and since there was a sale going on I only paid $38.98 including shipping. They came in about a week or two later.

Since I really liked the idea of magnet STDs, but didn’t want to pay that much for them, my mom and I scoped out different places for the best-priced magnets. We ended up getting 75 business-card sized magnets for $15 from OfficeMax. The best part about these magnets was that the back peels off and sticks really nicely to the back of the card.

It only took about a half hour to put them together, and before I knew it I had a huge stack of STDs that needed to be enveloped. The worst part about the whole thing was probably licking the envelopes – YUCK! I’m definitely not looking forward to doing that for the real invitations.

The total price came out to $53.98, and we sent out 75 STDs, so they were each 72 cents. We had a few left over, for hand delivery and mistakes and such.

And then they were off!

It was a very liberating and “real” feeling to send these suckers out. It’s one step closer to the wedding actually happening 🙂

(All of my United Kingdom photos are uploaded with captions. See them here: United Kingdom ’09)


  1. Cute!

    As for licking the envelopes, I cut a sponge in half and dipped a corner in water – dabbed it on a paper towl to get the excess moisture off, then ran it across the envelope. Ta-Da!

    OR, just make sure you get the peel and stick envelopes!

  2. The magnet idea is great! Very unique. Vistaprint is a great place to get things like that done for cheap and they are always a good quality. I never thought of using them for STD's.

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