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Hi From Shakespeare’s Home

I’ve been gone for 12 days and I have three full days left of my trip and boy am I tired. I forgot a few things about traveling to England.

1. There are stairs. Everywhere. Even though I “packed light” it isn’t light enough. My shoulders are aching and my back is sore from lifting, pulling, and lugging everything around. Surprisingly, though, I brought just enough clothes to accommodate the ever-changing weather, and I’ve worn everything I brought.

2. Give me air! There seems to be NO air once you get on the underground. When I get on the tube I must look like I’ve just raced in a marathon with how hot, frazzled and sweaty I am. It’s a little ridiculous. I miss air conditioners. It’s even hot inside stores. Gah.

3. I’m thirsty. I’ve only seen one water fountain since I’ve been out here and I saw it about five minutes after I threw away two empty (and ready to be refilled) water bottles. I had been carrying them around for about two days so I could refill them and then just after I tossed them out I saw a water fountain. I know I could just refill at a sink in a restroom, but that water tastes funny to me. Le sigh. I LOVE water and I can tell my body really misses it.

Okay, that’s all I can come up with at the moment. Sorry I don’t have any photos to put on here—I’m tired and about to resume traveling. You can check out the gallery, though. I just added way too many pictures on there…I’ll update them with captions sometime soon(ish).

I’m heading to the train station now to see if they’ll let me get on an earlier train to London. I would love to go wonder around Stratford-upon-Avon more, but I really don’t want to haul my stuff along the tiny streets with me. I really loved this town and want to come back with Kenny. It’s a perfect place for couples.

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  1. I love it there too! I'm glad you enjoyed!

    When I came back from my last trip to England my hands were ruined from struggling to tow my very heavy suitcase all over. Since, I have invested in a travelling backpack and it's amazing! Enjoy your last few days!

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