Red River Revisited

I’m going on another blogging hiatus this weekend. It’s our annual trip to Red River, New Mexico, and since the tiny town is sandwiched in the middle of the mountain there’s usually very little Internet. Anyway, this will be a very relaxing vacation from my vacation.

This will be a very picture-heavy post filled with mostly photos of me and Kenny…because I can (bwahahahah!) Here are some of my favorite pictures from last year. Kenny can’t make it this time, but I’m happy that we were both there together last year.

Views from our room:

Kenny and I went geocaching and had a blast:

we went on walks around town…and he put a flower in my hair:
We ate a delicious breakfast every morning:

And played fun games like thumb wrestling (Kenny lost that round…sad times)…
And Cranium…

And we took lots of pictures of ourselves around town 🙂

My cousin and her fiance

And then we enjoyed the three-hour ride back home, but not without stopping for more pictures (Hey! I only get to see him once every few months, so we needed to take as many pictures as possible!)

While we were standing out there in the middle of nowhere, my cousin and Michael drove by and stopped for pictures, too!

Gotta love New Mexico’s natural beauty!

Now it’s time to hit the road 🙂


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