Makin’ it Fit!

I haven’t talked too much about my dress on here, because I don’t want Kenny to see it and I know he reads this daily 🙂 What I will say is that I LOVE it, it won’t be in till the end of October…and I may have ordered it two sizes smaller than what was “recommended.” Yeah. Um. That may have been a little crazy of me.

Without saying anything about my actual dress, I will say that I’m afraid of the following:

Back Fat:

Having trouble zipping, buttoning, or lacing it up
(sorry Kenny, I’m not telling you which of the three it is!)

Not having it look “right” in the back:

Armpit Fat:

But then again, what bride isn’t worried about looking their best on their wedding day? I’ve been doing the best I can to get in shape (working out with a trainer, eating healthy, nixing alcohol from my diet, etc.), but I can only do so much.

Since January I’ve lost 14 pounds, which comes out to losing 2 pounds a month. If I keep this up I could lose 10 more pounds before the wedding, and if I somehow try extra hard it could be more than that.

My dress comes in at the end of October, but since I’ll be in Georgia I won’t get to try it on till mid December, just two months before the wedding. If it’s still a little snug then I’ll have to kick it into some serious high gear and probably see if I can sign up for Bulging Brides (see you later yummy Christmas goodies, bachelorette party and yummy birthday cake!), but I’ll worry about that when it happens.

Did anyone else kick it into high gear to fit into their wedding gown? Or were you sane enough to get one that was in your size?! 🙂

(p.s. I have two Hungry Girl reviews to post, look for those popping up sometime soon!)


  1. I did order mine in my size, but I also plan on losing weight before the date. I'm a bit worried about losing too much, but I know me and I know it most likely won't happen. However, a corset back makes a big difference in that respect!

  2. I actually bought mine in Dillards, they were having a HUGE sale… and I love it (I spent less then what I bought some prom dresses for…) I did buy mine the size I was at the time (6) however, I know there is no way in heck I could put it on! 🙂 I bought in just a few months before the wedding, so I knew I wouldn't have time to loose much weight. We got married quick, (engaged 29 Aug 04, married 18 Dec 04…)

  3. I ordered mine in the size I was at the time – my alterations ended up being insane and costing almost as much as the dress. Seriously. I had to have 12 inches lopped off the bottom (yes, I'm short!), had to have the bust let out, and the waist taken in – UGH!

    Remember – we're always our own worst critics. The things that YOU notice, no one else will. They'll just be looking at you. 🙂

  4. I am really nervous about fitting into mine. I've been traveling for 2 weeks, eating out and eating like crap. Now I'm at home which means my grandmother will undoubtedly try to shove a stick of butter down my throat at least once a week.

    Anywho, want to be workout partners in Georgia? I checked out the fitness center and it looks pretty good! My mom was a personal trainer and aerobics instructor so I've got the ass kicking gene!

  5. Well keep up the workout! I did order my dress a couple weeks ago and I ordered in the size they recommended. I do plan on losing about 10 lbs., but am hoping I won't have too many alterations. You know it's hard to lose weight where you want too. I am a procrastinator and have noticed I have been so bad about working out or not eating cookies! ugh sweets are a weakness. I am worried but I have time…

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