More Bling For My Ring?

Along with the other bajillion things I need to do before I move in 11 days, I need to decide if I want to add the baby diamonds to my wedding bands. And since my mind can hardly keep track of all the things I need to do and decide before I leave, I’d love to hear your opinion on what would look best.

Do I add three “baby” diamonds to each surface of the two white gold bands, OR just leave them simple and plain and let the three diamonds speak for themselves?

More Bling for the Ring?

  • Yes! A little more bling
  • Nope, it’s great as is

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  1. Hey lady! I voted, but I thought I would share my explanation here. 🙂 I voted, "Add more bling to that ring, sista!" 🙂

    Here is my thinking…
    This is the time in your life where you will be presented with probably the most special gift EVER (right up there with your engagement ring). Make it good! Make it something so special that every single time you look at it, it takes your breath away. Sure, you could always choose to add the diamonds later, but…would you? I know me, and if I waited, I would probably always have some excuse for not spending that money later. I would tell myself, "No, I'll put that money in a house fund.", "No, I'll just keep that money in savings.", or "No, we really need a new (fill in the blank)." I say go big now! 🙂

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