Favorite Things Friday

I’ve been wanting to do a Favorite Things Friday for awhile, but haven’t really had the time. So this morning I grabbed the camera and set out to show you my favorite things from the fridge!

I don’t know what makes this ice cream so delicious, but it’s the best I’ve ever had. So yummy and so not weight watchers friendly.

The coffee you’re looking at is Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla. It’s a shame aromas can’t be smelled over the ‘net, cause that stuff smells good!

If you haven’t tried this pepperoni yet, you’re missing out. It may be made out of turkey, but it tastes just as good as the real stuff, I promise. AND 17 pieces is considered a serving!

I really love milk. A lot. Kenny, on the other hand, doesn’t. That’s fine by me, because I can drink out of the carton and nobody will yell at me!

Have you tried these yet? Run to your nearest supermarket and get some. They’re thinner than bread, but are also sort of like an English muffin. It’s usually my go-to snack in the afternoon.

mmmmm corn. I used to practically eat corn out of the can when I was younger. Wait…I still do!

Just as I love milk, I love cheese. Sharp, please!

I’m not a huge fan of sweets, but for some reason, I love raspberry jam. If I’m in the mood for something sweet I’ll sometimes toast those sandwich thins and put a little jelly on it. Oh, and I like the kind with seeds.

Chile will hopefully forever be a staple in our fridge/freezer.

If you’re a fan of spicy food, you HAVE to try this sauce. It may say “sweet” on the label, but I personally don’t taste the sweet. I usually make pasta, saute some veggies and shrimp in the sauce and then mix it all together.

And this is our fridge 🙂

What are your favorite things in your fridge? Do we share any favorites?


  1. Favorite things in our fridge: Dr. Pepper, green chile, tortillas, Lousiana hot sauce, Sadie's salsa, string cheese, and black forest ham — let me tell you, all those things together make a hell of a quesadilla! 🙂

    When do we get the photo tour of the new house?!?

  2. Fav things in our fridge: Potato Sandwich Bread, Ocean Spray – Cran-Strawberry juice, Turkey Pepperoni (like you :)), Bagelfuls and the frozen mini sausage and bicuits sammies.

    Our fridge is a bit bare at the moment since the move…but those are what I do have.

  3. Faves in fridge – cheese (the sharper the better), butter, eggs, green olives. The first 3 are a go to dinner a lot of the time.

  4. I definitely have that pepperoni 🙂 and if you put little pieces of low fat/light string cheese in the little pieces of pepperoni and wrap them up, it's a delicious and easy little snack!

  5. You've got some great things in your fridge!
    I definitely second the milk, cheese, chile, peperoni and Dunkin' Donut coffee!
    Some more of my favorite things are ketchup (my go to condiment), cranberry juice (or cranapple/crangrape), spinach and my pumpernickel/rye bread.

  6. I loooooooooove that Thai sauce! I'm pretty sure I ate about 6 bottles in my month in Thailand. Seriously ate it on EVERYTHING! Love it.

    I love those thin sandwich things too!

    It all looks yummy!

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