Favorite Things Friday

I’ve been wanting to do a Favorite Things Friday for awhile, but haven’t really had the time. So this morning I grabbed the camera and set out to show you my favorite things from the fridge!

100_6457.jpgI don’t know what makes this ice cream so delicious, but it’s the best I’ve ever had. So yummy and so not weight watchers friendly.

100_6458.jpgThe coffee you’re looking at is Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla. It’s a shame aromas can’t be smelled over the ‘net, cause that stuff smells good!

100_6460.jpgIf you haven’t tried this pepperoni yet, you’re missing out. It may be made out of turkey, but it tastes just as good as the real stuff, I promise. AND 17 pieces is considered a serving!
100_6462.jpgI really love milk. A lot. Kenny, on the other hand, doesn’t. That’s fine by me, because I can drink out of the carton and nobody will yell at me!

100_6463.jpgHave you tried these yet? Run to your nearest supermarket and get some. They’re thinner than bread, but are also sort of like an English muffin. It’s usually my go-to snack in the afternoon.
100_6470.jpgmmmmm corn. I used to practically eat corn out of the can when I was younger. Wait…I still do!
100_6467.jpgJust as I love milk, I love cheese. Sharp, please!

100_6466.jpgI’m not a huge fan of sweets, but for some reason, I love raspberry jam. If I’m in the mood for something sweet I’ll sometimes toast those sandwich thins and put a little jelly on it. Oh, and I like the kind with seeds.

100_6471.jpgChile will hopefully forever be a staple in our fridge/freezer.
100_6474.jpgIf you’re a fan of spicy food, you HAVE to try this sauce. It may say “sweet” on the label, but I personally don’t taste the sweet. I usually make pasta, saute some veggies and shrimp in the sauce and then mix it all together.

100_6483.jpgAnd this is our fridge 🙂

What are your favorite things in your fridge? Do we share any favorites?


  1. Favorite things in our fridge: Dr. Pepper, green chile, tortillas, Lousiana hot sauce, Sadie's salsa, string cheese, and black forest ham — let me tell you, all those things together make a hell of a quesadilla! 🙂

    When do we get the photo tour of the new house?!?

  2. Fav things in our fridge: Potato Sandwich Bread, Ocean Spray – Cran-Strawberry juice, Turkey Pepperoni (like you :)), Bagelfuls and the frozen mini sausage and bicuits sammies.

    Our fridge is a bit bare at the moment since the move…but those are what I do have.

  3. Faves in fridge – cheese (the sharper the better), butter, eggs, green olives. The first 3 are a go to dinner a lot of the time.

  4. I definitely have that pepperoni 🙂 and if you put little pieces of low fat/light string cheese in the little pieces of pepperoni and wrap them up, it's a delicious and easy little snack!

  5. You've got some great things in your fridge!
    I definitely second the milk, cheese, chile, peperoni and Dunkin' Donut coffee!
    Some more of my favorite things are ketchup (my go to condiment), cranberry juice (or cranapple/crangrape), spinach and my pumpernickel/rye bread.

  6. I loooooooooove that Thai sauce! I'm pretty sure I ate about 6 bottles in my month in Thailand. Seriously ate it on EVERYTHING! Love it.

    I love those thin sandwich things too!

    It all looks yummy!

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