I’m a Kreativ Blogger!

I really want to tell you all about the move out here to Georgia, but until I can get my stuff out of boxes and my office set up, my mind isn’t thinking very cohesively. Not to mention, I need to get in a “I live here now and I’m not just on vacation” groove. So in the mean time I have this:

Miss Roddy Bride gave me some blog love right before I left New Mexico and so now I shall pass along the award to some other creative bloggers I love! (Sorry…I know it’s called “Kreativ” Blogger, but I just can’t stand to spell it that way!)

The award states that I need to list 7 facts about myself and then pass this fabulous award on to 7 other Kreativ Creative bloggers!

My seven facts:

  1. I take naps as though I’m getting paid to sleep. Seriously, I love them. And I know everyone probably says that they love napping, but I really love naps; so much, in fact, that my cousins nicknamed me, Nappy. Yup. Actually, they call me “Nappy” more often than they use my real name.
  2. I sweat. A lot. I really wish I didn’t, because I can get very self conscience about it, but then the more I think about it and try not to sweat the more I sweat—it’s a pretty terrible conundrum. Living in the humid southeast is definitely going to suck. On the bright side, it’s been at least a year since I’ve had my hair cut and I don’t have any split ends and it’s constantly shiny. My guess? Sweat=healthy, shiny hair.
  3. I’m addicted to reading blogs, particularly those written by other military wives.
  4. I’m going to a writing workshop in NYC in less than two weeks and I’m beyond intimidated and nervous.
  5. It turns out that I kind of actually like cooking. I like cooking even more when I’m wearing my awesome apron.
  6. Coming up with just seven (okay, let’s be honest, five) random facts about myself just helped me waste a good half hour of my life.
  7. Seven is my favorite number and the only times I notice that I’m a teeny tiny bit OCD is when I get a drink of water from a water fountain (I have to let the water run for seven seconds before I’ll drink from it). Weird, I know.

Now for my picks for 7 Creative Bloggers:
1. Keva Kate – delicious Keva Juice recipes pop up all the time!
2. Wedding Planning with Joy – she is hands down the most creative person ever!
3. My Life One Day at a Time – Beka’s been keeping up with Project 365 fantastically
4. New Girl on Post – pictures from Italy are always awesome!
5. Air force Recruiting – a fellow New Mexican 🙂
6. Cloud Nine and Counting – a bride and military wife to be, just like me!
7. Through My Eyes – oh yeah, I’m shamelessly plugging my own blog!

***If you haven’t already, read this post and then make your vote on the right hand side. Do you put utensils in the dishwasher handles up or handles down?!***


  1. you definitely deserved this award! besides you being (almost) a military wife, you ARE creative and I love coming here to read about your wedding planning and everything else!

  2. and – I am so honored that you have my blog listed in your military musings list, but could you switch it to my new blog? 🙂
    pullinguptheweeds.blogspot.com – i don't update the old one too much anymore.

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