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Sorry my posts have been few and far between lately. My procrastination got the best of me and the deadline that seemed to be many weeks away is now here and calling out my name. This Sunday I’m also going out of town—to The Big Apple–for a writing workshop led by some of the most influential people in my industry, so needless to say, I have a lot going on right now and my nerves may start taking over any minute.

I’d love to say it’ll all slow down after this next week, but then the holidays are starting and I’ll be taking a trip back home for a couple months…and then I get married…FOUR months from today. Whoa! There’s still so much that I want to do for the wedding, and I’m hoping I can start working on those projects in a couple weeks.

Yesterday was my first official day of working from home and I got a whole lot more done than I expected, so hopefully I can keep up this productivity. I’m not gonna lie, it’s kind of nice to work from home and wear whatever I want (currently barefoot and in shorts and a hoodie). I really, really, really love my office, but it’s still in shambles, so once I get it all straightened out I’ll post some pics.

Last week I posted a poll about how people load their dishwasher. The topic came up when Kenny and I were loading ours together (how domestic of us!). He likes to put the handles down and I like them up. His theory is that they’ll get cleaner if the spoons, forks, etc. are all pointed up. My theory is that the handles should be up so that I don’t A) have to get my hands all gross and dirty while putting them in the dishwasher and B) when they’re clean I can grab them by the handles, which are intended for grabbing. And from the looks of it, a few more people agreed with my method (woohoo!):

I think the compromise we’re taking is that whoever starts loading the dishwasher first gets to have it their way; at least that’s how it’s been the past few times we’ve washed dishes together.

So far we haven’t really had any challenges living together. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve visited him out here so often and because we both picked out most of the stuff in the house together, or what, but so far so good! I know it’s only been a week, but I’m really enjoying everything about this.

I’ve noticed some new followers on my Twitter (follow me here!) and was wondering how many of you reading this are following me over there. If you are keeping up with my daily ramblings, let me know; I like following new people, too! Oh, and I really like reading blogs—I think it’s safe to call it a vice of mine—so there’s a blog you think I should be following, let me know. I need breaks throughout the day and blogs are the perfect quick-break distractions.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I picked handles down because that's how I usually do it. I will sometimes be crazy though and do both! Woah.

    I totally think of you when I'm putting my cutlery in the dishwasher now!

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