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I’ve been thinking lately about where people will sit at the reception. Not the guests, specifically, but the bridal party. I know traditional head tables can sometimes be awkward because the bridal party is kind of on display, but the more I thought about it the more I want them to be on display—these are our favorite friends and they should get a little VIP treatment!

But with that said, I don’t like the awkward part that comes with a head table. The part where, if they have a significant other, that person has to see them and sit, eat, and mingle from afar. Here’s the thing, I think significant others are just as important as our bridal party, so I’d like them to be VIP, too.

If we go with the idea of having everyone sit at our table we’re looking at needing 16 seats and a high chair.

We could go with the angled route, which I think is a little more inviting than the traditional straight head table:

A twist on the traditional with a round table brought in:

A two-tiered option (this one kind of reminds me of being in show choir for some reason though):

A “King’s Table” with the table in the middle of all the guests’ round tables:

Or a variation of a sweetheart table:
I like these options more than a traditional straight head table because I think the bridal party will feel a little more comfortable and a little less like they’re on display.

What do you think, and do you have any other ideas I didn’t mention here?


  1. We had two circle tables in the center of the tent, one for the wedding party, one for the family. Everyone else was build out around that. It was nice, except Pave and I didn't sit down except for the toasts. We used the bridesmaids bouquets to decorate the family table, and my bouquet, in a beautiful vase to decorate ours.

  2. I like the idea of the sweetheart table with the two tables on the side. This allows them to sit with their significant others, feel special, but not be too on display. It also allows you and your hubby to have some quality alone time and special moments. Plus Ive seen some gorgeous shots of sweetheart tables.

  3. I personally like the sweetheart table set up, that's what I'll be doing so the significant others are sitting with the bridal party. I do like the one you said reminds you of a choir also because it would be easy for everyone to talk and mingle and isn't just a big long table.

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