Too Hot To Handle

Hello, hello! Sorry for the delay in posts, but moving has kind of taken top priority these days. We made it to Georgia on Saturday afternoon and it feels really spectacular to be here! But while I work on getting back into the swing of things, posting may be a teeny bit sporadic.

So in the mean time, I need your opinion:

When you’re filling a dishwasher and it comes to the utensils, do you:

A) put your forks, spoons, and knives in with their handles up?


B) put your forks, spoons, and knives in with their handles down?

Cast your vote over at the poll to the right and then if you’re feeling extra adventurous, let me know why picked the way you did!

*Have you seen the Rejected video (My Spoon is Too Big)? I highly recommend checking it out. My friends and I in college used to watch this on repeat, because we thought it was so funny!


  1. I always load the dishwasher with utensils down, handles up — I do it that way because I am paranoid about stabbing myself with knives and fork prongs when the unloading process begins….

  2. knives go down, everything else up. i always feel like it gets a better wash when the big part of the utensil is exposed. And yes the knives go down so you dont inadvertently stab yourself.

    This is the fun part! Doug and I always have different methods of doing stuff – he never washed stuff before putting them in the dishwasher and it drove me crazy!

  3. I always put the untensils down. Something makes me believe that they get cleaner that way….then again I guess the other way would be just as effective. ummmmm, now I have alot to think about.:)

  4. Handles UP! After they are all clean, I don't want my hands touching all over the clean part where I will eventually be putting my mouth.

  5. For me it actually depends on the utensil… Forks go handles down b/c the prawns get stuck in the holes, Spoons, it doesn't handles down b/c then the water doesn't collect, and knives are definitely handles up b/c you could cut yourself 🙂 This is why I'm in charge of dishes and the Hubs is in charge of other chores hahah

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