Boo Who?

Yesterday I woke up with that feeling. That, uh-oh-I-may-be-getting-sick feeling. I immediately started to slow down and upped my fluids and Kenny was gracious enough to go buy me some EmergenC while I took a nap.

It’s been around five months since I was last sick, which I think is a pretty good track record for someone who used to get sick at least once a month.

What I woke up today didn’t surprise me, it just plain sucks. My uvula is swollen and that is making it hard for me to swallow and talk, and it makes the rest of my throat sore. Let me back up in case you don’t know what your uvula is. You know that little dangly thing at the back of your mouth that’s kinda worthless? Well that’s your uvula and the worthlessness is really apparent when it swells big enough to touch the back of your tongue; then it’s plain annoying.

When I was in college I had repeated cases of tonsillitis. I had it so often that as soon as I would get well again I’d prep for getting sick soon after. The final straw in this routine was when my uvula literally took over the entire back of my mouth. I went to the doctors on campus and they were surprised I was still walking around; they said the only other times they’ve seen a uvula that enlarged they had to feed the person through an IV, because there was no space to get nutrition in. The nice thing about a swollen uvula is that usually your nose isn’t affected, so you can still breathe. Needless to say, I had a tonsillectomy scheduled a few weeks after that last uvula episode.

I’m drinking as much water as I can and hopefully I’ll find something soft to eat in a little bit. Kenny has been fantastic about taking care of me, so I know I’m in good hands when he’s around. Hopefully I can kick this thing soon, because I want to get back to working out and cleaning up around the house. As for right now, though; I’m pooped. Okay, enough gross uvula talk.

Now let’s talk turkey pumpkins!

Back home there’s this awesome pumpkin patch about a half hour away where you can pick your own pumpkin. We used to go out there about a week before Halloween when we were younger and my brother and I would pick the best pumpkin we could find. When we got older we would just skip the patch and get a pumpkin from any grocery store around—all the stores had them piled high in huge boxes.

So I get out to Georgia and I don’t think anything of pumpkins, I just figure we’ll find one when we need one.

Oh how wrong I was.

On Halloween (and yeah, maybe we shouldn’t have waited until the day of), Kenny and I went allllll around town searching for a pumpkin. ANY pumpkin would do. We bought the carving kit and had our afternoon free for making our jackolanterns, but instead of making a mess sticking our hands in gooey pumpkins, we spent that time driving around to more than five stores looking for a darn pumpkin! After about an hour and a half passed we decided to give up on The Great Pumpkin Search.

This was the only jackolantern we saw:

Sad about our lack-o-pumpkin, we were just going to wallow in our pumkin-seedless lives, but then Kelly came over with her two little munchkins! We helped the kiddos get in their costumes and then I went trick or treating with them. Twas fun 🙂

Tyler the Monkey:

Kailey the Kitty:

They’re two of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen and I just love seeing how well Kenny gets along with both of them 🙂

That’s about all I have to say for today. Stay tuned, because even though I’ve taken a wedding-planning break, I’m about to start writing about it soon!


  1. I tried to comment yesterday about McCalls! They are my favorite (and there is NOTHING around here like them…) Plus they are one of my Dad's clients, so we ALWAYS got GREAT pumpkins. This 'comment box' would never pop up yesterday, I tried re-loading your page and everything…. so the lack of comments isn't because we don't love you, Blogger was being a pain!

    I hope that you begin feeling better, being sick sucks!

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