Feel The Burn

As it turns out, I’ve only been living out here in Georgia for a little more than a month and a half and I somehow have burned myself on our oven not once, not twice, but…sigh…three times.

I have a long scar on my forearm now, and two burns on my fingers—on my ring and pointer fingers.

The only thing I have to blame, because I don’t want to blame myself, are our oven mitts. When I put them on and start pulling whatever is in the oven out, I can feel the heat start to filter through the mitt and my fingers get hot. My brain automatically yells at me to drop whatever I’m holding (because my hand is hot), but when I drop it I end up burning my fingers and/or arm on the pan I was holding.

I need your help.

I need a good oven mitt to put on our registry and have no idea where to turn. The pair we have now are by Williams Sonoma, and I’m guessing they were pretty good when Kenny got them, and that they’re just old.

Can you help me out and let me know what your favorite brand is? I’d really like to stop the burning as soon as possible!


  1. Silicon oven mits. Seriously. They are the best things ever created. I'm pretty sure you can find them basically anywhere, but the ones I found I got at penny's…I believe. You can get the full mit, the square, or the fingertip mits.

  2. I personally, don't like the silicon oven mitts because I feel completely out of control.

    I don't have any other suggestions though since I got mine from a Canadian company.

    That's so funny you posted that Arby's mitt because Dan used to have one and I'd talk to it. haha

  3. I have the 'expensive' ones from Wal Mart. They have almost a silicone type surface on the one side, and then are REALLY thick. I was always buring my fingers too, I think ours were just old, and so had thinned out some. They were about 7.00 a piece (worth it though!) since they have several 'levels' of quality there.

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