Jingle Bells on Crack

Since we’re apparently starting the holiday season a little early over here at my new Georgia home, I thought I’d share with you one of my all time favorite Christmas songs.

This song is so fantastic that I almost hate calling it a Christmas song, because I personally think it can make anyone’s spirits brighter any time of the year (and I’ve been known to happily play it right after a friend goes through a breakup or if someone’s had a bad day, and you know what? That person is usually smiling and laughing after they hear it).

Yesterday while we were driving around town I left Kenny in control of my iTouch and dubbed him Music Master for the time being. Well, he knew just the song to make his fiance almost bounce out of the car in excitement. In fact, he was so enthralled by my musical capabilities (i.e. singing at the top of my longs and dancing in my car while stopped at a red light) that he snapped a quick picture of yours truly enjoying the song.

So do you wanna hear it? Okay, you twisted my arm. Here it is for your musical pleasure, enjoy:

Jingle Bells (aka Jingle Bells on Crack) by Barbra Streisand


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