Making Our List (and checking it twice!)

On Saturday, Kenny and I finally crossed something off our to-do list…we went and made our wedding wish-list at Kohl’s!

For some reason I really thought Kenny would want to do this, but it was like pulling teeth to get him to get out there with me. He loves looking around at stuff (especially at Kohl’s) and he likes playing with toys (like the gun you get to go scan stuff with!), so I don’t get it. This is his “are you seriously taking a picture of me?” face:

So why Kohl’s? Well, right now our stuff has pretty much completely merged. For example, we have a very small set of blue plates I bought at Ikea back in my college years, and he has some white plates that he’s had for forever. Everything is mismatched and the “bowls” we have are more like sunkin in plates. We really wanted something that reflected us and a set we could keep around for years.

After looking everywhere, we finally found a design we liked…at Kohl’s. (Truth be told, I still really want to register at Target, too.) We filled out the appropriate info on their computer at the very back of customer service and waited to get our scanner. I should mention that the staff at Kohl’s seemed to treat us as though they’ve never heard of a wedding registry before. I also don’t like the fact that if one of our guests wants to get our list they have to go back to customer service and wait (in their never-ending line) to get the print out of our list. It’s just not as user friendly as, say, Target. Le sigh.

Anyway, moving on. We get our gun (aka scanner) and start finding things we’d like. Picking out things like clocks; finding the most comfortable bathroom towels, and looking at kitchen gadgets turned out to be kind of fun!

Here’s the Corsica dishes we picked out. They had tons of colors to choose from, so we went with the colors below:

We left the mugs up so we could make sure we scanned each color. We’re asking for two of each: a large circle dinner plate, small square salad bowl, small fruit bowl, and a cereal bowl. In all, we’d like to have a total of 14, just in case we break some here or there.

Kenny took his job of scanning things very seriously.

It turns out that we ended up staying at Kohl’s for more than two hours! Both of us were wiped out after that, but we ended up with some good stuff on our list. We tried to get a variety of price ranges, but with items that will last a long time. I’m a very frugal shopper, and sometimes my budget makes me by the cheaper quality items (hence, they don’t last as long), so I got over my cheapness and asked for quality items that will get me through the next several years without breaking.

I wish I took a picture of the luggage we registered for, because I LOVE it (here’s the stock photo)! It’s the Samsonite Austonia Collection and I love that the wheels do a 360-degree spinn—perfect for travelers! Kenny asked for his suitcase in black, and I requested red.
I have to say that Kohl’s has a huge online selection of items, so much more than what’s in the store.

And speaking of online, the other place we’re registered at is on
Since the wedding will be in New Mexico and Kenny and I are flying directly to our honeymoon (more on that later), and then straight back to Georgia, we were worried about transporting all of our gifts. The simplest route, we figured, would be to register on (where we can put down just about anything and everything we’d like) and hope people will ship things to our Georgia address.

The coolest part about, is this neat “universal registry” button you put on your computer’s toolbar that will let you add an item from any website. Did you catch that? ANY website!

So these cute Apple and Pumpkin Pocket Pie Molds from William Sonoma that I apparently now have. to. have? Yup, with just one click they’re added to my registry. ( I should mention, so I don’t sound like all I did was add “cute” things I like, we did add some great oven mitts from WS, also.)

The same goes for adding things like this adorable pillow from

The Universal “Add to Registry” button also let me add this fantastic piece of decor by Michael Aram:Kenny and I were taking a look at our lists last night and I think we’re both really happy with the things we picked out!

Choosing an online vendor for our registry may be a little bit more modern, so I’m anxious to see how our guests will handle it. If it were up to Kenny we would’ve only registered with Amazon, but I think some of the older guests would rather go pick out an actual item.


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