The New Home

As promised, here are some pictures of my house in Georgia. I’m missing pictures from two rooms: my office and Kenny’s office. Hopefully I can get pictures of my office up soon, it’ll just depend on when I can get it all set up and prettified.

For the first picture I took a panorama shot so you can get the full effect. I love it! (click to make bigger).

This is our living room, looking at it from the master bed room:
another view:

and another view

okay, and yet another view (notice how Kenny didn’t even move a muscle – oh, and I promise he does more than play computer games…I promise!):

View of our breakfast nook:

The kitchen:

Master bedroom:

View of our backyard from the bedroom

Our bathroom (it still needs to be decorated and I need to move things into their “places;” I just don’t know what those “places” are yet):
Our ginormous hot tub bath….ahhhhh 🙂

and our backyard (another panorama shot!)

and this is the side yard!

Well, that’s it, for the most part. I forgot to take a picture of the other room by the kitchen, but that’s because it’s full of boxes at the moment. It’s our “game room,” because the house came with a pool table, so that’s in there now. I owe you guys pictures of that room and my office!

So what do ya think?!


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