Preppin’ for Turkey Day

I love Thanksgiving. Like, LOVE, love Thanksgiving. There’s just something about it that makes me giddy with warm fuzzies.

This year we’re experiencing another semi-full house with old friends, new friends, and lots of extremely delicious food, so yesterday Kenny and I went shopping for all the ingredients we need for this Turkey Day feast.

Here’s what’s on the menu so far (our guests are bringing even more good eats—ham, sweet potato pie, glazed carrots, etc.):

Alton Brown’s Good Eats RoastTurkey:
(We made this last year and it came out absolutely fantastic. Not only was it moist and flavorful, but it was fun and easy to make. Mmmmm….mmmmm…mmmm)
This picture doesn’t do it justice (and it was also taken before it went in the oven). Seriously guys, this stuff is delicious. It’s so good that I’m making a second batch and giving it to our friends for their family feast!

Cranberry Sauce (Grandma’s recipe)
Making this on Wednesday.

Grandma’s Green Bean Casserole (grandma’s recipe again):

Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes (The Pioneer Woman):
Making this either Tuesday or Wednesday

Homemade rolls (Kenny’s recipe – came from his dad, I think)
Making these on Wednesday

Stuffing (from. a. box.)
Say what you will, but I think this stuffing is deeeelish
Pumpkin Pie (recipe’s from the back of the can…simple and yummy)
We’re using The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pie Crust for both this pie and the one below. We’re also making this either on Tuesday or Wednesday and freezing it till we need it on Thursday.

Apple Pie (from Alton Brown again)
Kenny and I made this pie a couple years ago for Valentine’s Day, and when it was almost ready Kenny put a heart over it…awwww!

Sweet Biscuit Wreath (by Sandra Lee)

So now that you know our Thanksgiving line up, tell me what you’re plans are for Thursday!


  1. Everything looks so good! I'm so sad. 🙁 This will be the 2nd year I'm in the Philippines on Thanksgiving- and they don't celebrate it since it's an American Holiday. My fiance & have made our own "tradition" we go out to eat at our favorite place and get sparkling apple cider and mashed potatoes and watch a movie!

  2. Wow, sounds like a ton of fun, and delicious as well! We are heading to TX, my entire family will be there, minus my brother, so we are super excited! I cant wait. Not to mention, going to the Cowboys game! I love Thanksgiving too, have a wonderful holiday Jess!

  3. Wow, that is a very involved turkey recipe! I'm impressed that you are attempting that a second time! When it comes to cooking, I'm inherently lazy. 🙂

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