To-do till We-do

“Time will fly by” they told me. “Uh huh,” I replied as I rolled my eyes, thinking that waiting a year to marry the love of my life seemed like an eternity.

Well, I hate admitting when I’m wrong, but…everyone was right. Ninety-four days from today I’ll be saying, “I do.” But even though my countdown keeps getting shorter, my to-do list seems to just keep growing.

Since I work on deadlines for a living, I think treating the wedding like a deadline (in the most romantic way as possible) may be the most efficient way to get things done. When I’m working on deadline, to-do lists are sometimes the only thing keeping me on track—there’s nothing like the satisfaction of crossing something off a list.

I usually take each item I’m working on and make a list on a post-it. Then, when I’ve completed the task I grab a pen and cross that sucker off the list, once everything is crossed off I crumple up that post-it and throw it away. The problem with the wedding-deadlines thus far is that I’ve been keeping track of everything in a Word document, and I’m pretty sure I get absolutely no satisfaction in pressing a button to signify that I actually finished something; I need to be able to physically get gratification from crossing it off a list.

So I did what any girl with an awesome new office and a huge, empty bulletin board would do, I made myself a giant wedding to-do list:

I made the list on Word and, to keep costs down and to KISS (keep things simple, silly), I printed it out on plain ol’ white paper.

Surprisingly, I only have 83 things typed out on the list (and several of those things are already crossed off). I’ve taken wedding checklists from allllll over the place and picked the things I think I need to do. I know I’ll still be adding things to it, but those are the most vital things I’ve found.

My favorite parts of my to-do list is the very last thing to check off, “Get Married!!!” and the LOVE sign sitting in the corner of the bulletin board. On the day that I got engaged, Kenny and I went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch and that was the menu cover, so of course I saved it!

How did you keep track of all your to-do tasks?

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  1. I ALWAYS write myself "to-do" lists! It helps me not forget anything and it's so gratifying when you get to cross the tasks off and throw away the paper!

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