The Christmas Blues

If someone were to offer me a piece of useful advice before all this wedding planning began, it would have been something like this:

Do not do anything wedding-related during the holiday season, Christmas especially. And even if your fiance is only in town for two weeks and you have tons of wedding things you “have to do,” enjoy being with him and celebrating with your family and friends. The wedding will still go on if you take a week’s vacation from planning.

Instead of taking that advice (that I clearly just made up), I’ve been cramming as much wedding “stuff” into the two weeks Kenny’s in town. And do you know what happens when you start cramming that much stuff in? You start to look and feel like this:

Sure, heavy doses of Bailey’s, chile, and cupcakes can make you feel better momentarily, but then you remember about that darn dress you have to fit into and all the stuff you just consumed and you go from feeling stressed to feeling sad…

…and feeling blue isn’t exactly the feeling I like to have around the holidays. So brides-to-be? Take my advice and take some wedding time-off during the holidays and enjoy the season. Those 30 guests you need to cut from your guest list? You can do that after the new year. The fact that you need to get stamps for your invites right. now.? Yeah, those can wait till after Christmas.

I need to take a huge chill pill. My goal for the next week is to try my darnedest to take my own advice and stop being such a party pooper.


  1. I can't imagine trying to plan a wedding around the holidays-you're a trooper!

    That's good advice, though, what you wrote. 🙂

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