Some Updates

It feels like ions since I’ve written, so I’ll catch you up in bullet form. It’s easier that way, you see.

*All of your positive thoughts must have worked, because both of my suitcases weighted in at 44 pounds, which means I didn’t have to pay any extra money—woohoo!

*Frontier Airlines must have given their employees a talkin-to, because every single person had this holiday cheer and warm tone of voice when they talked. I was incredibly impressed with their service, particularly at the Atlanta airport. It’s not often that every employee is in a good mood this time of year. Kudos to you, Frontier!

*My Victoria’s Secret swimsuit came in and I LOVE IT! I’m going to keep a close eye on it online, and if it ever goes on sale I want to get it in another color. It’s really flattering and comfortable. I also bought a couple of their cover-up dresses and love those as well. I’m so happy those things worked out!

*My dress fitting went….okay. The dress is still as gorgeous as I remembered, and it was great to try on my gown, but it was definitely tighter than I wanted. Luckily, Brides by Demetrios has an extremely talented alterations specialist who told me not to fret and that it’ll be great the day of. They don’t even have to let it out any, which is good. I just need to make losing weight my number one priority.

*My plan is to follow the Weight Watchers plan 110 percent, because when it’s followed to a “T,” the weight falls off. I’m hesitant to start working out very hard, though, because my body likes to hang onto excess weight for far too long when I work out. I need to find a good balance for this. Maybe I’ll just do cardio and a touch of weights here and there? I’m up for suggestions.

*Wedding plans and projects are underway. We have our food tasting this week, our cake tasting next week, a goal to find him a wedding band, meet with our officiant, pick out a tie for the guys, find a hairstylist, book our rehearsal dinner, and about five other things I can’t think of right now.

*Kenny will fly in probably two days before the wedding, so this is the only time to get things done with him (he’s going back to Georgia at the beginning of January).

*I still need to go Christmas shopping – ACK!

*I just signed up for a Ten Weeks to Get Healthy in 2010 Challenge. You can read about it here from Recipe Girl, but it’s basically what I’ve already set out to do: get healthy and loose weight. I’ll be blogging about my successes—and failures—each Saturday, and tweeting about it, too. The challenge doesn’t start till January 2, but I’m getting a head start since I already committed to changing this past Saturday.


  1. I'm so glad you splurged on the swimsuit that you loved, and that it fits!! I hope you can find it in red too, I think that would look outstanding with your dark hair!

    Eating healthy is always one of my goals, so I'll be working on that one right along side you. My biggest piece of advice is to avoid grains and sugar as much as you can. I think if you do that along with the points system you will be good to go! And a nice walk outside it always good to get the blood pumping as well as clear your head if the wedding stress is getting to you. 🙂

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