They’re Here!

Yesterday afternoon, while I was working in the other room, our doorbell rang. Seeing as how I only know maybe four people in this town, I was a little suspicious. So I waited a little while before sneaking over to the door. By the time I got there the person had left, but when I opened the door, a box was there waiting for me. This wasn’t just any ol’ box, though, it had our invitation suite sitting inside!

YEA! Now that I finally have all the pieces to work with, it’s time to get crack-a-lacking. I think my first stop needs to be Michael’s so I can get scissor for cutting another key element to the invites and glue for tacking down the invitation to the pocketfold (Should I get glue dots? rubber cement? Nny recommendations for pocketfolds?).

This is all starting to feel very real!


  1. Glue dots are a good idea, but they stick to everything when you are trying to use them. rubber cement smells. honestly, i'd probably just use elmer's if the sheets are more cardboard paper like than printer paper like, just be cautious of how much you put on so it doesn't leave spots!

  2. In graphic design we use something called Studio Tac. Not sure if they sell it at places like Michael's you may have to go to an art store, but it's basically paper covered in small glue dots on both sides so you can cut it to whatever size or shape you need. It works great!

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