Walking the Walk

By now, everyone has seen the wedding party that danced down the aisle, and while every fiber of my being would LOVE to do something like that, there’s a teeny tiny little part that wants it a little more traditional. Yup, I’m caving. There will (probably) be no YouTube excitement for us, but I’m totally a-okay with that.

Instead of dancing down the aisle, I found a song that’s upbeat enough so our girls won’t feel like they’re crawling, but slow enough so they don’t have to run. I think the lyrics are super cute and sweet, and it’s even centered around a wedding. And the band who plays the song? Well that band is freaking awesome! I like them so much that I even inquired into having them play for our wedding, but they’re a little out of our price range (and by a “little” I really mean “a lot”).

The band is called Ryanhood and I have no idea how I found them, but I love all of their music. Back in my college days, we saw them pretty often. They would perform in my hometown, about three hours from where I went to school, and my friends and I would drive up to go see them. Once, we saw them open for Jason Mraz—talk about a great show! They’re just two guys who play and sing extraordinarily well together

The song my six best friends will walk down the aisle to is called, “Born to Run to You.” If you want to listen to it, click play below. The actual song starts about two minutes in, but they talk a little about it around one minute in. Enjoy!

Born To Run To You by Ryanhood

His pretty girl in pigtails,
and he in tennis shoes
In a field with the sun going down
Over a bible town,
she in her bridal gown
Kisses her man on the mouth,
says, I do

And says, I was born to run to you

But it took a lot to get there,
she measured distance in days
While she wondered from miles away
Is there such a thing
as a love meant to be?
And if so, is one meant for me?

‘Cause I’m lying awake
and I’m aching to be with you
Aching to sing to you soon

That I was born to run to you
And I was always born to run to you

Well, I dreamed that she’d come
to me clothed in the sun
And she’d fall in my lap as a sign
So I made up my mind to believe
that the love that I needed
Would find me, and I found you,
and you’re mine

Oh, I was born to run to you
I was born to be one with you
Put your hair in pigtails
I’ll wear my tennis shoes
And well, we will both go dancing
In your father’s mansion
We’ll laugh and be light
And I’ll run to you

Ah. I love it. I wore pigtails when I was younger and Kenny, well, he still wears tennis shoes. For some reason this just seems like the perfect song for my girls to walk down the aisle to. If you wanna know why I didn’t pick this song for myself, check in tomorrow 🙂


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