There are a few things you should know about me:

1. I HATE swimsuit shopping, which is probably why I only own one recreational swimsuit, and it’s the same suit I bought and wore in high school.

2. I’m cheap. Hmm..I should definitely explain that one. When I say, “I’m cheap,” I really mean that when I enter a store I head straight to the sale rack. Paying full price for things just seems silly to me.

3. I buy things to fit my body type. While I wish I could wear those ultra sexy bikinis, I know they would probably do the opposite of flatter my body.

Now that we got those things out of the way, I can start my story! Since I’m now a bride-to-be, I seem to frequent Victoria’s Secret a whole lot more. Before I was engaged I would go there for their semi-annual sale, and that was about it—I never saw the hubbub with buying lingerie. But now that I’m almost married, I can’t get enough of it. Sometimes I actually stroll around the store just to browse and look at all their Sexy Little Things.

But then, right around the “Oh My Gosh, I’m Getting Married in Less Than Three Months” mark, I started realizing that someone would get to see me in all of their Sexy Little Things. And that’s when the downfall started. It started when I bought some of their comfy PINK underwear line. Why buy just two pairs when you can get 5 for $25? I think you get the idea.

While I still go in there to (mostly) browse, I also started checking out their online store a lot more often, and when I saw their Cyber Monday 30% off one item coupon code, I couldn’t resist. I found a few pieces of wedding night/honeymoon lingerie I really liked and contemplated buying those, but then I realized I needed a swimsuit for our honeymoon.

*Side note: I haven’t mentioned anything about the honeymoon, have I?! Whoops! Look for details sometime next week. Let’s just say that when everyone is bundled up in scarves, sweatshirts, and uggs, we’ll be basking in an average of 74-degrees and sipping Bahama Mamas. Uh. Oh. I’ve said too much already 🙂

Right, getting back on track now. I need a swimsuit, but seriously? Where in the world do you find a swimsuit in the middle of winter?

I looked online at Dillards.com, but the suits on their site were very much for the…um…older crowd, and I was looking for something honeymoon-worthy. I found a few on RueLaLa that I considered buying, but they were in a Final Sale boutique and there was NO WAY I could buy a swimsuit without trying it on and then have no gaurantee of being able to return it. My other almost contender was Anthropologie, because boy do they have some cute suits out now:

The problem with Anthro was that they weren’t offering sweet deals like VS was, and if you remember, the second thing on my list up there is that I don’t like paying full price for things.

Enter Victoria’s Secret. I clicked on their “Swim” link and started feeling the anticipation grow. I love that you could search by category (bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups), because that meant I could completely bypass all of the gorgeous Victoria Secret gals flaunting their hot bodies in suits I can only dream of wearing.

Anywho, I clicked on “one-pieces” and close to thirty suits appeared. I quickly bypassed a few:

While the above two look fantabulous on the model, they would look god awful on me.

Um, white on top? No thank you!

This one just seemed a little boring to me, and reminded me of the suits I wore when I was on my high school swim team.

But then I saw it! The perfect swim suit for me, sitting there on the very last row of one-piece suits:

I love everything about this. I love the halter (it draws the focus up to the face), the retro-like bottom, and that the description claims to “look slimmer in seconds.” I was sold.

I was ready to checkout…till I saw the price. At $158, that was more than I would ever dream of spending on pretty much anything, especially a swimsuit. But then I remembered the 30% off I saw on their homepage, and what’s that? If I spend more than $100 I get free shipping and handling?

While I debated about buying it I considered a few thigns:
1. My wedding shoes cost less than $15. Some girls spend hundreds of dollars on their shoes, so at least I saved money there. I’m pretty good on being savvy, so at least I’d be saving more than $60 on this suit.
2. The last swimsuit I bought was sometime in high school, circa 2002.
3. This suit is flattering and, I think, would be appropriate wherever swimsuits are required (i.e. I wouldn’t feel like I was showing too much around kids or other people around).
4. If it doesn’t work out, I can return it and try again.

After coming up with those four pros, I decided to go for it. The grand total (including tax) came to $117, which is still a heck of a lot of money, don’t get me wrong, but I’m SO excited for this to get here, and I’m even more excited to wear it on my honeymoon. Now you just have to cross your fingers that it’ll look great!


  1. I hate swimsuit models! Make everything look great, like those first two. It's just mean to normal people!

    I actually have a suit that look almost exactly like that black one. The only difference is that it isn't a halter, it has straps. I bought it a couple years ago when I was in immediate need of a one piece for a volunteer assignment (because I only have a two piece at the time) and found it at WalMart for $35.

    My favorite place to bathing suit shop is Everything But Water. They ARE expensive, but their suits come with actual cup sizes instead of "small, medium, large" and…well…that's necessary for me lol.

    Good luck!

  2. I love the suit you picked! Seriously, it pays to buy a good quality (therefore expensive) swimsuit.

    I have no doubt it will look perfect on you!

  3. My fingers are crossed! Great suit! And since it sounds like you didn't spend a lot on other wedding related items and haven't bought a new suit in a while, this is well deserved! Let us know how it turns out

  4. I hate swimsuit shopping! No matter how good or bad I think I look it all goes down the tubes when I'm trying them on. Oh…I need to go run now after reading this!

    Hope you find a nice one!

  5. I love swimsuit shopping! I love that blue one, so cute and the black one you got is too! If it doesn't work out check out new-portnews.com they have Great swimwear all the time! And control swimwear too for great prices!

  6. Yayyy such a cute suit! I can't believe that you haven't purchased one in THAT long!!!! Holy moly! I guess I have a strange perspective because I have lived in FL for a long time…I own about 15 of them and use them very very regularly. By the way, that Anthro suit with one strap on the top is SOOO cute…droool.

    I think the suit you bought is soooo awesome and it will be a really flattering style! I hope that it delivers on its amazingness when it comes in the mail!

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