Favorite Things Friday

I haven’t done a Favorite Things Friday in several weeks, so here are two of my favorite things:

To say that I’m addicted to these is an understatement. I would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only do they actually taste like real chips (unlike the other guys…), but it’s only 2 points for 1 oz (about TWENTY chips). This particular flavor has a teeny tiny kick to it, too, which comes from the ground jalapeno pepper in it. Oh, they’re just fantastic. If this flavor doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are four other baked varieties to try. Omm nom nom!

Growing up, I always wanted to find a scent that made me feel beautiful, but didn’t have that old lady smell or smelled too sweet. I searched high and low, picking up samples and squirting different scents here and there, but nothing ever smelled good to me. Finding a fragrance that works for you is such a personal task, because what smells like roses with on person’s chemistry may smell like…umm…crap on another person. I don’t remember when I found Falling in Love, but I love it so much that I have it in three different sizes, lotion, and body wash (thank you, Rue La La for your fabulous sale one day!).

Here’s how Philosophy describes it: “falling in love fragrance was created for one reason and one reason only… to make a woman feel and smell absolutely, positively, romantic. falling in love is a romantic fragrance that is worn by women, but loved by men and was created to give women a tool for helping balance their femininity with their sensuality.” love.

I’ll be wearing this on my wedding day 🙂

Is there a scent or chip flavor you’re drawn to?!


  1. Those chips are so good it's ridiculous. Good thing it's a small bag because on two occasions I have eaten the ENTIRE bag by myself.

    I'm a new reader-great blog!

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