Invite Only (part two)

Catch up with part one!

I don’t know how many emails it took between me and Bridget before I finally found a design I liked, but I’d bet it was close to 100, and no, I’m not kidding.

The following are only a handful of headers Bridget sent me to look at. She sent them with the entire body of the invitation below the header, but I just took screen shots of the tops to show you today. I found it easier to narrow down the header before deciding on the rest of the suite.

I liked the simplicity of this font, but for some reason, it just didn’t look like the invite pictured in my mind.

I liked this font, but it was a little too “swirly” for my taste. (Although, looking at it now, months later, I kind of like it…a lot!)

Different placement of the names

I almost picked the one above, but I wasn’t a fan of two things: I don’t like the “J” and even though I liked the top, it didn’t have that seamless flow with the rest of the invitation.

The header above is the one we Snuffleupagused and chose, but to be completely honest, it took awhile for me to decide that this was the one.

I liked that the font was classy, but still had a “simple” feel to it. I still wasn’t crazy about the letter “J,” but could get over that. Bridget told me to browse some font web sites like and see if I could find another font I liked more. Well, after spending almost an entire day looking at “Jessica and Kenny” in hundreds of different fonts, I decided I liked the one above the best.

With that decision finalized, she started work on the rest of the invitation suite. Tomorrow, I’ll reveal the final design and the wording we picked!


  1. I really like the second one! That J? I know you don't like it, but I LURVE it. We're doing ours ourselves, so I'm not sure how elaborate we'll be able to get, but I'm hoping to do something like this as well.

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