It’s Good to Laugh

I interrupt the Invite Only* series to show you something I stumbled upon last night. With four days left till our RSVP deadline, this gave me more than a chuckle:

Ha! It still makes me giggle, mostly because it’s true. We’re still waiting on around 60 people to tell us if they’re coming or not. So here’s hoping we get the majority of the cards back sooner rather than later, because making phone calls to family and friends to see if they plan on attending the coolest wedding ever may be a little on the awkward side.

*I’ll post pictures of the invitations tomorrow, because someone (Sigh. Okay, it was me.) took some really fuzzy photos of the invites, so someone (me again) has to retake them today.


  1. LOL! That is so funny and sadly, so true.

    My sister had about 20ish people NOT show up for her wedding after they RSVP'd yes (and with no good excuse). She wants to send out a card that says, "Thank you for wasting $90 per head of my money. Please see attached invoice. I accepted cash or check."

  2. That is funny! We actually had problems with people who RSVP'd and never showed, we seriously had like 20 people like that! So frustrating!!

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