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One of my 101 goals is to “find my voice,” which is a silly way of saying, “I want to be a better writer.”

The irony is that the more I dwell on becoming a better writer and trying to find my own style and “voice,” the less I have to write about.

Last night my mom and I took advantage of a free Redbox movie and watched Julie and Julia. Oh boy, talk about having a love/hate relationship with a movie! I adored the storyline and could see myself undertaking a challenge like Julie—blog about making 524 recipes in 365 days? Sure thing, coming right up! But that leads me to the part I hated…that I didn’t think of the idea first.

I guess I’m currently in a writing funk, because I’m trying to do too much with this blog and until I figure out what direction I want to take it in, my words will just keep getting jumbled.

Do I write for myself or for my readers? Do I write about the wedding, focus on every day life, or what it’s like to become a military wife? What about health, fitness, and my wellness? How about how gosh-darn bored it is sometimes without a full-time job? Are these the things people want to hear? Do I even care what people want to read? Hmmmm….

I don’t know if I should focus on one specific niche/genre or just continue letting the blog go as one huge hodgepodge of ideas.

…Can you see why the writer in me is currently hiding under a rock?


  1. Hey there! I am a new reader 🙂 I too find it hard to know what to write about sometimes. But then something just comes to me. It looks like you are doing great 🙂

    I just saw Julie and Julia and it was great!

  2. I usually write about what I want to write about. Sometimes I'll think, "Oh there's no one who'd want to hear about that." if that's the case I'll usually re-think it but most of the time. If it comes to my mind to write about it. Then I will.

  3. I just saw that movie last week, and enjoyed it as well. I also though about the whole blogging thing again after reading it. I love your blog the way it is and I am sure your 66 plus followers do too! 🙂 There is nothing wrong with writing for yourself, and nothing wrong with writing for others. Mix it up, do both. I am sure people will read no matter what!

  4. Here are my thoughts, for what they're worth.

    Strictly niche blogging, in my opinion, is just for people who want to sell lots of ads on their blogs. If you're blogging as an outlet, and to be part of a community of like-minded women, then just write about whatever is on your mind. That's what tags are for — to compartmentalize all the different types of posts that you write about.

    This blog should be a place where you can experiment with different voices and styles of writing to *find* your voice. The blog should *not* be something you avoid writing in until you've found that voice.

    Just my two cents. Keep on writing. 🙂

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