I’m Dreaming of…

…Sipping on a pina colada on the beach of our honeymoon resort with Kenny lounging next to me.

We’re in the home stretch with only 17 days to go, which means in 19 days I’ll take the picture above with my own camera.

Dear two weeks,
Please fly by quickly. I miss my fiance very, very much.

An emotional bride who misses her almost husband.


  1. So exciting!

    I'm always dreaming about being on our honeymoon again. Laying in a hammock on the beach with drinks were some of our favorite moments on it.

  2. I know you are wicked busy with all the last minuete things witht he wedding, but wanted to let you know I left you an award on my blog. I hope you have an amazing wedding day, and enjoy your honeymoon!

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