Reality Check

During my lunch break today I caught up on the blogs in my Reader. Via another blog, I read a particular post that was so gut wrenching I had to read it over and over again. And each time I read it, my tears became more and more intense.  I’ve never read this particular blog before, but after reading several of her posts I instantly felt a connection, as I do with all the military-related blogs I read.

I know there are certain risks with any job and you put your life on the line every time you step into your vehicle, but when your loved one is deployed with limited communication—no matter if it’s for a few weeks or more than a year—your life is turned upside down. As much as you put on a happy face and distract yourself with endless projects and hobbies, when your spouse (or loved one) is deployed your life revolves around receiving that one phone call or email to simply hear their voice and know that they’re safe.  

I’m incredibly thankful my husbands job does not put him directly in harm’s way, but that doesn’t mean I don’t worry about him every second he’s deployed. 

If you’re reading this, please head over to A Little Pink in a World of Camo and leave her some much-needed love. She’s a fellow military wife who received a knock on the door that no person should ever have to answer. 

I’m closing the comments to this post—she needs to hear from you more than I do.

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