Thoughts and Questions

I’m clearly not too creative this Monday morning, because all I can come up with are bullet points. So here ya go, a few thoughts and a few questions. 

* I REALLY need to start working out and eating health again. Being in this honeymoon/newlywed phase is fantastic, but it’s not so great for my waistline. I’ve been here for three weeks, so I think it’s time to start making some healthy routines like working out in the morning, taking Bella for walks in the afternoon and saying, “no” to bad food. SO much easier said than done.

* Kenny and I have been married for over a month. And I love it!

* Kenny is deploying next month. And I do NOT love that. 

* I think How I Met Your Mother is the new Friends.

* I’m five people away from having 100 readers—woot! woot!—and would like to have some sort of a giveaway. I have no idea what I’ll giveaway, but stay tuned. (And really? There are that many of you who care what I have to say? That’s pretty awesome, so thanks for reading!)

* When shopping at the commissary, do you tip every time or just if you have more than, you know, two or three bags?  

* Jesstagirl and Her Officer is getting a blog-over in the near future, because apparently I get the itch to change things up every six months or so. But I need your help. Which one do you like the most?  (These are from Rainy Day Templates, fyi)

A: (Catherine)

B: (Chloe)

What’s on your mind this morning?


  1. I LOVE How I Met Your Mother. So I think Ted = Ross. Joey: Barney. But then does that mean Lily is Monica, Marshall is Chandler and Robin is Rachel? Or Phoebe? 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. If I have fewer than 30 items I usually go to the self checkout at the commissary. However, when I go through the checkout I always tip the baggers 2 or 3 dollars. But I never have them take it out to my car 🙂 The first few times I went to the commissary I didn't even know you had to tip them 🙂

  3. I like the Chloe look! I must be the last person on earth to not watch HIMYM. 🙂 Everyone I know talks about it.

  4. I Love How I Met Your Mother and recently netflixed the first season. Unfortuneately, my hubby doesn't share my love for them so I have to watch them by myself 🙁

  5. How I Met Your Mother is definitely the new Friends. Everyone seems to be talking about it. And, as was the case with Friends, I'm really not that interested in watching. I did end up watching some of Friends when it was past its popular phase, so maybe that will happen again with HIMYM…

  6. We'll get through our deployments together! It will be nice to talk to someone who is going through the same thing.

    As for the commisary, I had the same dilema when we first moved here. We only go once every couple of weeks so we have a lot. We tip 3-5 depending on how many bags/carts it takes! If I'm just running in for a couple items I go through the self check out.

  7. I am so sorry he's getting deployed 🙁

    I cant wait to see more of your wedding!!

    If your not on a hurry for a makeover I would love to make a template for you after our wedding my friend! All I'll charge you is to link to my Etsy store =) wachathink?

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