Adventures in Gardening

Last weekend, Kenny and I started work on a project we’ve been looking forward to since we bought this house (and a project that helped me cross off one of my 101 goals). We love eating veggies, so planting our own garden seemed like the natural thing to do.

We bought all the material needed and got to work. It may not look like it from these pictures, but trust me: I got my own blood, sweat, and tears involved in this project!

Notice how all of the plants are alive! This is pre-soil and digging, obviously.
Kenny worked really hard on getting up a nice, white-picket fence to *hopefully* keep our lovely dog at bay. And we both worked really hard at planting our nice, fresh, and very-much alive, vegetables into the ground:
But our innocent-looking puppy had other plans:

 She likes to dig:

And eat basil:

Seriously, don’t let that puppy-dog face fool you!

 She also likes to sit on lettuce:

I caught her just chilling on the lettuce one day. 

Bella also likes to stomp and walk on sweet peas and zucchini:

And then, after you’ve completely relocated your office* from the other side of the house to the kitchen so you can keep an eye on her, she taunts you by practically posing for a picture while she plans out her next attack:

This is from my new “office” adjacent to our garden. She walked over there just as I started writing this post.

So there you have it, our adventures in gardening. We planted big tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, lettuce, mint, chives, sweet peas, basil, and zucchini, but I have absolutely no idea what will actually grow. Not only is it our first time trying to grow produce, but our lovely dog may get to the food before we do. 

Do you have any tips on how to keep our pup away from the garden? I suggested one of those “invisible fences” just for the garden, but Kenny nixed that idea. (I was partially kidding about it. Partially.)

 *Relocating my office really means that I pick up my laptop and move it from my office to the kitchen table.


  1. Our dogs had the exact same problems. We tried chili pepper, pepper flakes, nothing worked. Then we would just watch them, and correct them we caught them. After they dug up crepe myrtle number 2, I believe "correcting" became "husband-dear lost his temper just a tad". It seems to have worked though.
    You might also consider buying Bella a sandbox. We did, and bury toys in it occasionally, and the dogs love it. It should take care of her digging needs.
    Good luck!

  2. I LOVE the Garden Jess!! And the cute white fence, I love it all. I think it's awesome that you guys are gardening and growing veggies, they will definitely be yummy. As for keeping the sweet pup out, I'm not sure. I"ll see if I can think something up, hopefully she wont trash it!

  3. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but my parents would use chicken wire around the produce… it was the only way to keep the dog out!

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