Almost Goodbye

Picture taken by me. I wanted to get his wedding band in there, too, but he was working.

It’s so like me to redo my blog and then just disappear. But I have a somewhat decent reason: My husband of less than two months is deploying ridiculously soon and I’ve been avoiding writing, because I don’t feel like talking about him leaving yet. 

Sure, I could talk about other things, like our amazing weekend away in Savannah, or how we’re planting an herb and vegetable garden in our backyard right now, but it all seems irrelevant since I have to say bye to my love once again. 

Which leads me to why I haven’t been blogging: I’d rather spend time with him before he leaves than constantly on my computer at night. Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be some woe-is-me and pitty-party posts in the (very) near future, but for now I just want to enjoy having him here at home every night.


  1. That is an amazing picture. I want some talent like that. I am sorry to hear that he is leaving so soon. I don't blame you at all for wanting that time with him instead of with the computer.

  2. A beautiful picture! And yes, spend time with your man! It won't hurt our feelings at all. And when you need us, we'll be here 🙂

  3. How soon is he leaving?

    Brilliant photo! And seriously, I'm so jealous of your custom wedding band. If you don't mind me asking, how much did your amazing jeweler charge you for that? I know you said it was really low, so I'm just curious! Every time I ask around here, they always say just for a plain white gold band with zero diamonds it's around $800. Add diamonds, and it's more like $1200-1400. My engagement ring barely cost more than that, and I just can't agree to that in good conscious!

  4. As the others said you should enjoy your time with your hubby!!! =) Focus on that and those TTD pic are AMAZING!!!

    We'll be here =)

  5. Did you get a fancy camera or just edit? Love the photo!

    I'm sorry Kenny has to leave so soon but we'll be here for you when he does go! Spend as much time with him as possible!!

  6. I completely know how you feel. Mr. Top Gun just got back from a 4 month deployment, and when he left I was SO sick of people telling me "it's only 4 months, so get over it," "It's not that long, so you'll be fine.."

    I wanted to punch them all in the face. They didn't and don't know how I felt, and saying those things to me was the worst thing they could have done. I wish we lived closer to one another, because I would totally hang out with you and drag you out of your house when you started feeling mopey! God knows I had friends here who literally had to get my lazy and sad butt out of bed!

    Keep your chin up, keep trying to smile, and spend ALL the time you can with him NOW. Every second counts, and you can't get those seconds back. Please know I am a veteran of deployments, especially since our husband are both flyers. Shoot me an e-mail if you ever need to talk.


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