Five for Friday

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  • 1. You get me water before we go to bed every night.
  • 2. You sing along with me to the opening song for How I Met Your Mother.
  • 3. The way you interact with Bella and other children lets me know that you’ll be a fantastic dad when the time comes.
  • 4. You’re the most patient person I’ve ever met, especially when it comes to me cooking. Thanks to you last night, I can now make my own pizza crust from scratch!
  • 5. I already miss you so much it literally hurts.

I’ve noticed a lot of interest with fellow bloggers doing their own Five For Friday and would love to see them all. It’s a great way—despite how terrible of a week you’ve had—to find at least five things you still love about your husband, boyfriend, fiance, or significant other! If you have your own FfF, link back to it here! 


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