Five for Friday

Previous Fridays

I miss…

1. …having you wake me up from a weekend nap
2. …you eating the leftover macaroni and cheese.
3….playing the license plate game with you.
4….cooking dinner with you.
5….your face.

I’ve noticed a few fellow bloggers doing their own Five For Friday and thought it would be fun to see them all. It’s a great way—despite how terrible of a week you’ve had—to find at least five things you still love about your husband, boyfriend, fiance, or significant other! If you have your own FfF, link back to it here!


  1. I love your Five for Fridays! I think they should suggest doing something like that in marriage counseling or pre marriage counseling.

    I don't really do a F for F but I do try to think about the good things that happened during the week on Friday and my guy is usually in there somewhere.

  2. It's hard to know what to say Jess. But this is so sweet. I truly do love how much you love him. It shows so much. Even when he's gone, your love for him is still flowing over. Soon he'll be there waking you up from a nap eatin mac and cheese watchin' battlestar with you on the couch. I admire you for being so strong.

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