Coming Home

Before you read this post, you may want to grab some tissues. I read stalk Pioneer Woman just about every day and lately I’ve been following her photography assignments to help me improve my photography. Her assignment last week was “Happiness” and from that came this assignment called “Coming Home.” 

Homecoming pictures are extremely powerful and can stir up an array of emotions. And with Memorial Day just around the corner, these pictures couldn’t have come at a better time. I don’t have any photos from our first homecoming, because I was too freaking excited to hold a camera, but now I can’t wait to have someone take photos of when I see my love again. (By the way, my Donut of Misery [not sure what that is? Ask me] says we’re 46% finished with this deployment, and I can’t tell you how badly I need want have ache to see my husband again.)

If you would like to upload your own Homecoming pictures, head to PW’s Flickr pool to include your own. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

The following pictures and words were straight up copied and pasted from PW’s site, so anything written below is from Ree, not me. Enjoy.

Home from Iraq first time meeting daughter!
This beautiful shot is one of a handful of photos that inspired this special “Coming Home” photography assignment, which will run all week. (Feel free to submit your “Coming Home” photos here.) Along with countless others, during the “Happiness” assignment last week I was moved to tears by this shot, submitted by Erin Dietrich…

grand homecoming
And this one, by Joiedevivrephotography…

And this one, by Skyerphooey.

I’ll confess to being a little resistant to the idea of this week’s theme at first, mostly given that “coming home” photos might be difficult for some…and that “coming home” does mean different things for different people. The photos you’ll see here will reflect that. The overall purpose of sharing these photos this week is to honor our troops—and the sacrifices they and their families have to make. I hope these photos touch you as much as they’ve touched me. I love them.
Thank you all. For everything.

By Jamie Spencer4408.

By Katie Mihalak.

By NewGirlonPost.

By Stephanie Howell.

By BShoafphotography.

By Jenn in SC.

By BJTexas.

By DawnHudsonPhotography.

By MarineWife1996.

Forever Home
By Tizzrdlizzrd.

Son's Homecoming
By nthedarkroom.

Meeting 6 day old Daughter!
By Erin Dietrich1.

Perfect Moment!
By Kelly0819.

Daddy's Home March 2005
By Stephanieabh.

Memories - Homecoming 4.08
By Jayner82ksu.

Welcome Home Daddy.

By BrandyEdwards.

By Molly_Darling.

By Kimmishellaby.

please don't leave me again.
By Carina Olsen.

By Amy W. Photos.


  1. You definitely weren't kidding about needing tissues, I am sitting at work crying. Such beautiful pictures.

  2. This is the 1st PW assignment I've ever participated in (and I've been following her since she before she did her 1st one). I just couldn't resist when I saw this one!

    On a side note, I used OpLove when my husband came home last year because I was picking him up in KS by myself and the only people I knew there were 2 other wives meeting their soldier as well. It was a great experience for me and I would recommend it for sure! If you have any questions or want to see some of the photos we got, let me know!

  3. Admittedly I skimmed thru those pics as quickly as I could to avoid the tears… but I needed to ask! Where do I go to get my own shmancy little donut of misery??

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