Five for Friday

previous fridays

  • 1. We “snuffleupagused” our decision to not go to Germany over Gmail Chat, and we’re both happy with our choice.
  • 2. Eating dinner without you is lame. 
  • 3. I miss getting jealous over Bella.
  • 4. I miss you locking up the house and kissing me goodnight.
  • 5. You brightened my day week with an unexpected flower delivery of my new favorite flowers. I cried when I opened them. Thank you so very much. 

I’ve noticed a few fellow bloggers doing their own Five For Friday and thought it would be fun to see them all. It’s a great way—despite how terrible of a week you’ve had—to find at least five things you still love about your husband, boyfriend, fiance, or significant other! If you have your own FfF, link back to it here! 


  1. So no Germany, eh? Well I'm sure you will find a great duty station state-side. I'm sure you made the right decision. 🙂

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