Oh, Georgia

If you can look past the crappy, zoomed-in photo with the poor cropping job, which probably only decreased the look of the picture, you’ll see both the front driver and passenger doors are slightly open—the two occupants are deliberately holding them open.

I wish I could tell you that we were stopped in the middle of the road for something, but nope. This picture was taken while we were going around 65 miles an hour on a highway in Georgia.

I also wish I could tell you they had it open for a short time, but nope. I followed them—not on purpouse, we just happened to be going on the same route—for 40 minutes.

While I’m sure hoping there was something mechanically wrong with the car and it really isn’t my place to judge, I still found this whole situation hilarious.


  1. Very very interesting! Those are the kind of cars that you should NOT stop to help….they probably would've kidnapped you.

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